We Played 2 Hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 – Here’s What Happened

As I trotted across the prairieland of New Hanover on my well-groomed steed, Mahogany Boy (named due to a tragic misread of his breed, the Mahogany Bay), I heard the dull rattle of a freight train. I yanked the reins, hit X a few times to shift gears into a gallop, and streaked toward the tracks, just as the steam locomotive rounded a corner into view. I had an idea.

As I took up a trajectory with the train, I heard a shout over the growing noise – bounty hunters sent to collect me, dead not alive. It was a fair cop: I’d recently threatened a passing wagoner, stolen his cart and rode it off a cliff to see what happens (you die). As the engine streaked past and I swung the camera to get a look at my pursuers, a button prompt appeared in the bottom-right corner of the screen: “Jump on train”.

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