Be expendable in parodic platform RPG Underhero, out now with a demo

A wise man once mused “If only you could talk to the monsters” – in Underhero you can because you are one too, albeit low-level and underpaid. Unfortunately, if you want to get out of a fight (using a charming Paper Mario-inspired combat engine) in this parodic platform RPG hybrid, you’ll have to bribe your way past your peers. Life is hard at the bottom of the villainous hierarchy.

Developed by Paper Castle Games and released on Wednesday, Underhero is the tale of the expendable monster who slew the hero. This puts the masked protagonist in the awkward situation of both being the new chosen hero, and being tasked with returning the three Triviality Stones to their respective end-of-world bosses. Below, a launch trailer with puppets, and a free demo.


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