Why Disney and Bob Iger’s Star Wars Movie ‘Slowdown’ Is a Win for Fans

Today word came that Disney CEO Bob Iger believes his plan to release a new Star Wars movie every year was “a little too much, too fast” and that fans can expect “some slowdown” in the studio’s output of films set in that galaxy far, far away. From where I’m sitting, this is a good thing — for Disney as well as for fans.

Much has been made about the box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story, so there’s not too much point in re-litigating that here, but suffice to say that the film’s worldwide theatrical take clocked in at $393 million. Meanwhile, the other Star Wars Story standalone, Rogue One, made just over $1 billion. For two Star Wars films that were only released two years apart, that’s a big difference.

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