Best gaming monitor 2018: Top 1080p, 1440p and 4K HDR displays

Whether you’re learning how to build a PC or simply in need of a new screen, finding the best gaming monitor for you and your budget is absolutely vital. For new PC builders, it can often define all the other bits and pieces you’ll need to buy, such as your graphics card, power supply and accompanying CPU, while those upgrading will want to make sure they’re getting something better than what they already own.

To that end, I’ve been testing as many displays as I can get my hands on to find the best gaming monitors around. Below you’ll find a list of all my top recommendations across a multitude of different screen sizes and resolutions, as well as an in-depth buying guide on everything else you need to know about buying a new monitor, including panel types, high refresh rates and all things HDR on PC. Let’s begin.


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