Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Xur, Malfeasance Is Out, Easy Seed Of Light, Ascendant Challenge

Tuesday has arrived, which means the weekly reset in Destiny 2: Forsaken has taken place. As always, this marks a shift across the game, as standard challenges are reset (offering a new set of Powerful rewards) and other activities are shuffled to present you with something new to do. The Iron Banner has concluded and Lord Saladin is gone from the Tower, but this week marks the debut of a new Crucible mode. Here’s everything to know about the latest weekly reset.

Malfeasance Is Here

When playing Gambit, a special Primeval can now spawn in that drops an item called the Seething Heart. This leads to a series of quest steps (some of them quite difficult) that ultimately results in the acquisition of the Exotic hand cannon Malfeasance.

Where Is Xur?

After the reset earlier in the week, Xur is now here for the weekend. He’s got the usual slate of four Exotics–one weapon and one piece of armor per class–along with the Fated Engram. You’ll find him on Earth. Check out our Xur guide for the full rundown on what to expect from him during this appearance.

Easy Seed Of Light

Forsaken’s new subclass branches are unlocked by getting your hands on rare items through Seeds of Light. The first of these is guaranteed early in the DLC’s story, while the second and third were previously reserved for higher-end activities. The third, in particular, could be very difficult to obtain for many, as it was locked behind the Raid. However, a new development involving Petra’s weekly bounty means you can easily get a Seed of Light–and your third subclass branch.

Breakthrough, The New Crucible Mode, Is Live

Bungie has launched a brand-new Crucible game type called Breakthrough. This is a mode that transforms partway through the match. Initially, two teams compete to control an area. The team that successfully does so gets their hands on the Breaker, which then has to be taken to the other team’s Vault to hack it (while that team attempts to defend). The hacking team has a certain amount of time to successfully pull off the hack, and if they don’t manage to complete it, they lose. It’s a best-of-five affair.

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Breakthrough will be live for a week as the featured playlist (and is available to Forsaken owners for private matches), so you can easily jump in and take part in a match. With the weekly reset on October 2, Breakthrough will join the Competitive playlist. There are also new maps, including a PS4-exclusive one, to play the mode on.

Ascendant Challenge

The Ascendant Challenge has moved locations once again. Once you’ve grabbed the weekly bounty from Petra, you can use a Tincture of Queensfoil to gain a buff that will allow you to see and access the Taken portal. This week’s portal is located in Harbinger’s Seclude; you can see where to go and what to do in our Ascendant Challenge guide. A piece of Powerful gear is up for grabs by completing the bounty. Just be prepared for some platforming.

Spider Bounty — Wanted: Gravetide Summoner

Spider’s set of bounties have rotated, but the one you should care about most is the most expensive. For five Ghost Fragments, you can pick up Wanted: Gravetide Summoner, which is worth doing because it offers Powerful gear, unlike Spider’s other bounties. The corresponding Adventure for this bounty can be found on Titan.


Among the Nightfall Strike options this week are the following: The Corrupted, The Inverted Spire, and Strange Terrain. All three carry the same 540 Power level recommendation. Most notable among these is The Corrupted, which was added to the game after Forsaken’s launch, once the DLC’s Raid was beaten for the first time.


The selection of items and bounties available from Tess at Eververse has changed again. Of course, you’ll want the Rise of the Challenge bounty, which provides you with a Prismatic Facet for completing any challenge (the Facet is used to activate the Prismatic Matrix, netting you a cosmetic reward). Among the weekly bounties, the most lucrative–in terms of Bright Dust earned based on the Eververse Bouty Notes spent–is Heroism in Battle, which has you complete five Strikes within a week.

As for the lineup of items available with the Prismatic Matrix, which rotates each week, there are two Exotics and a handful of items up for grabs–all 10 are from Forsaken. Here’s the full list:

  • All Mine — Exotic emote
  • Sneak Attack — Exotic weapon ornament for The Colony
  • Loaded Dice — Legendary weapon ornament for Hazard of the Cast
  • Denial Dance — Legendary emote
  • Swiftsong — Legendary Sparrow
  • Spectral Circuit Shell — Legendary Ghost Shell
  • Cordial Diamond Shell — Legendary Ghost Shell
  • Battle-Shrike — Legendary Sparrow
  • Beastly Projection — Rare Ghost Projection
  • Lucky Shot — Rare Emote


Unfortunately, Bungie has continued to move Petra around. She’s no longer located next to the Dreaming City’s Landing Zone, having moved to a new spot in Rheasilvia. She’ll as always offer a piece of Powerful gear for completing two of her weekly bounties, of which you have several choices.

Among them is a new mission, Dark Monastery, that continues the story that’s developed since Forsaken’s Raid was first beaten. You’ll also notice some visual differences in the Dreaming City, with Taken Blight balls filling in the sky in some spots.

Clan Bounties

Three new weekly bounties from Hawthorne are now available. These run the gamut and unfortunately don’t overlap at all–you’ll be taking part in Escalation Protocol, the Blind Well, and Adventures. All three offer Legendary gear and clan XP, although the one involving Escalation Protocol nets you the most experience points.

  • Mutual Escalation — complete five waves of Escalation Protocol with clanmates
  • Draw From the Well — Tier II and Tier III completions with clanmates
  • Band of Adventurers — complete three Adventures with clanmates

Vanguard Strikes

The weekly challenge for Strikes calls on you to complete a Strike using the same element of subclass as one of your team members–Void would be a wise choice, as you’ll see below. You’ll have to do this three times to earn a Powerful gear reward. The modifiers for this week are as follows:

  • Void Singe — increases Void damage
  • Glass — recovery is twice as fast but health and shields are halved
  • Heavyweight — more Power ammo, Power weapons do more damage

Daily Heroic Story Missions

Another set of five story missions are available for you to choose from for daily Heroics. Completing any three of these during the week will net you a Powerful gear reward. The modifiers are the same as the Vanguard Strikes outlined above–Void Singe, Glass, and Heavyweight. Here are your choices and the recommended Power levels:

  • Combustion — 280
  • Looped — 280
  • The Gateway — 310
  • Deep Storage — 310
  • Off-World Recovery — 360


The weekly bounty you can pick up from The Drifter right now is Do It. This tasks you with earning a total of 12 points–you start out with zero and earn three for each win, but a loss will add one. The reward is 75 Infamy rank points along with a piece of Powerful gear.


The Flashpoint isn’t tied directly to the weekly reset, as it rotates more than once a week. As of this writing, you’ll find it on Io; simply complete any activities, like Public Events, Lost Sectors, and Heroic Adventures to build the completion meter and earn a piece of Powerful gear.

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