Forza Horizon 4 Post-Launch Roadmap Detailed

During today’s Inside Xbox livestream, Playground Games has laid out a post-launch roadmap for Forza Horizon 4 after it launches on October 2, both for individual purchase and on Xbox Game Pass.

Horizon 4 will change its in-game season every week after players have finished the early portion of the game, and after a full year of in-game seasons (four weeks) a new year will start with a batch of new content, the first starting on October 25.

The first season present at launch for Forza Horizon 4 will be summer, but this will shift to autumn on Thursday, 3:30 PM GMT and will change the season around the game world. This season change will happen at the same time every week, and will be shown via a countdown clock for gamers currently playing the game. If players are in the middle of something, the game will allow them to finish, then a brief cinematic showing the season change will be shown, with the new season changes in effect after the cinematic.

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