The Convoluted History of Star Trek: Discovery’s Captain Pike Explained

Star Trek: Discovery is currently filming its second season for CBS All Access with an expected premiere date sometime in early 2019. Fans were left hanging when the first season ended with a stunning tease as the Discovery found itself face to face with the USS Enterprise. The famous ship’s arrival naturally led to the assumption (which was later confirmed) that we’d be meeting a younger version of lead character Michael Burnham’s adoptive brother Spock, who we now know will be played by Ethan Peck.

But since Discovery takes place about 10 years before the events of Captain Kirk’s The Original Series adventures on the Enterprise, the current commanding officer of the ship is┬áCaptain Christopher Pike (played by Inhumans’ Anson Mount on Discovery), who Trek history tells us helmed the Enterprise just before James Kirk took over. Though Pike only played a minor role in The Original Series in its final form (more on that in a moment), the character has endured across several films and television series and has been portrayed by four different actors to date. So let’s take a moment to get to know the first commanding officer of the Enterprise to give the order, “Engage!”

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