Wot I Think: Forza Horizon 4

Mostly, I play the more hardcore racing sims. I want to be reminded of my time on real tracks, driving real cars. I want to work on my skills. I want to watch my replay and analyze mistakes and correct my technique. Taking it all a little too seriously is part of the fun for me.

However, sometimes I’m bloody tired. I’m tired from managing a four-year-old nonprofit organization, a three-year-old human, and a one-month-old human. It’s a lot of work taking things Seriously®, and after a long day in which a dozen adults have asked me a dozen difficult questions and one tiny person has asked me “why” about eight million times, I just want to play a videogame while drinking a ginger beer. The energy just isn’t there to try to shave two-tenths off my lap times in iRacing, but sometimes the desire to drive is. That’s where Horza Forizon 4 comes in.


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