How theHunter: Call of the Wild simulates wild animals

You’ve been tracking the herd for fifteen minutes, and now, finally, you’re close enough to see your first deer. You raise your binoculars and edge closer, but a branch scrapes your jacket. The deer’s ear twitches and it turns and trots away. You freeze. The deer stops and turns its head to look back in your direction. You crouch but the deer barks, alerting the rest of the herd, and moves on again, disappearing into the undergrowth. The hunt continues.

TheHunter: Call of the Wild is a hunting simulation that goes far beyond anything in a Far Cry or Tomb Raider. Here, you’re alone in large expanses of wilderness, following wild animals which live out lives and react to your presence in many complex ways. They’re the result of countless hours of AI design and animation that closely model the behaviour of wild beasts, but they’re also part of a game, a fact that lends Call of the Wild a fascinating relationship with the natural world. (more…)

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