Red Dead Redemption 2 On PS4 Pro Requires 105 GB

Red Dead Redemption 2 looks to be a sprawling western epic, but just how sprawling, and how epic? Triple digits worth of gigs, that’s how much, according to the box for the recently announced PS4 Pro bundle. You may want to clear some space.

Rockstar Intel noted that the back of the bundle shows the HDD space requirement in tiny print: 105 GB. The box also reveals the multiplayer count (2-32 players) and that the as-yet mysterious PS4 exclusive content is only exclusive for 30 days. But that space requirement is the most unexpected piece and so it stands out.

Note, of course, that this could be the space requirement for the game on PS4 Pro, since that’s what the bundle includes. It’s possible that the Pro version will require some higher-res textures to take full advantage of 4K TVs. Players with standard PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems may not have such a high space requirement. GameSpot has contacted Rockstar and will update as more information becomes available.

It does make sense that the open-world game from Rockstar is large, though. It takes place across several different environments as Arthur and his band of outlaws get chased across the old west by the long arm of the law, and Rockstar has put an incredible amount of detail into everything from the wildlife and hunting to a more robust conversation system. For more details, check out some of the things that surprised us most in our recent hands-on.

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