American Horror Story: “Forbidden Fruit” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow…

Hah. There’s the tie-in we’ve been waiting for!

No more allusions to connective Coven tissue or whiffs of Murder House collusion, but actual Coven witches arriving on the scene. Just as Sarah Paulson’s Apocalypse character fell, her Coven role, “Supreme” Cordelia, showed up to – hopefully – answer a question or twelve.

So, yes, business picked up at the end of “Forbidden Fruit.” Things got interesting. Ah, but does interesting mean good? Not necessarily. See, one of the greatest tricks American Horror Story has pulled over the years is becoming a show so utterly overflowing with massive “WTF?” moments that it gaslights us into thinking good things are happening. Well, things are happening, surely. But that’s all. It’s just plot movement. For every one question answered, three more get raised. Miriam Mead actually being a robot┬áis so bizarre and arbitrary that it feels like a small weird part of a fridge magnet poem where someone keeps switching the words around.

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