This Week’s PS4 Game Sale On The US PlayStation Store

This week’s PlayStation Store sale is a big one. That’s because multiple publishers are dropping prices on their games at the same time Sony is running a special sale just for PS Plus subscribers. All of these deals end on October 2, so make sure to pick up any games you want before then. Let’s take a look at what digital PS4 games are on sale this week.

With Battlefield V deploying in November, EA seems eager to squeeze every last dollar out of the previous entry it can. To that effect, Battlefield 1 Revolution is on sale for the appealing price of $12. This version comes with all of the expansion packs and multiplayer maps that have come out since the game launched. Not a bad deal at all.

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If you’re interested in trying out an MMO, you can pick up The Elder Scrolls Online for $10 this week. It contains the base game and the Morrowind expansion. If you like that, you can also grab the Summerset DLC on sale for $24.

THQ Nordic games are on sale this week, so you can grab the–let’s be charitable and say “creatively titled”–games Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition for $18 and Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered for $21. Tractor enthusiasts can also pick up Farming Simulator 17 for $10.

And if you haven’t played The Last of Us Remastered yet, you can fix that for $10 this week. The game and every piece of DLC is half off because September 26 is Outbreak Day, the day when the zombifying brain infection reached critical mass and the government declared a national state of emergency. A sale is the obvious way to celebrate.

You’ll find more of our picks in the list below, or you can head over to the PlayStation Store to see the full list of discounted games and add-ons.

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