Watch The Fortnite Season 6 “Darkness Rises” Trailer Where The Map Changes

Fortnite Season 6 launched today, with all of the fanfare and loot that the season changeover brings. The theme of the new season is “Darkness Rises,” and it celebrated the event with a new trailer. In it, we see the mysterious cube from Season 5 rising out of the water and taking a healthy chunk of beachfront property with it. That has created some new map locations that will impact your strategies on the battlefield.

To match the theme, this season adds Shadow Stones. These special items let you take on a supernatural shadow form with some additional abilities like increased speed and agility, as well as a special Phase ability that lets you pass right through solid matter. In a more cosmetic move, the update also adds Pets to trail you around the battlefield and react to your actions. Plus as usual it added lots of new cosmetic items like skins and emotes.

Not everything went off without a hitch, however. The update was accompanied with some bugs on Xbox One, which has since been fixed. A separate issue, causing new breast physics on one character, was called an embarrassing accident that Epic has promised to fix.

If you’re aiming to earn all the new loot this season has to offer, check out our full challenge guide. And be sure to look over the coolest unlockables being offered with this update.

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