Big Discount On Almost All PC Games And Pre-Orders This Weekend At GMG

Green Man Gaming isn’t the only online video game retailer, but right now it’s one of the cheapest. That’s because, all weekend long, you can get 23% off of nearly every PC game on the site–including pre-orders and games that are already on sale. To get the offer, all you have to do is enter promo code PAYDAY23 at checkout. A few exclusions apply, and most of the games come in the form of Steam codes. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Monster Hunter World and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are two of the biggest game releases of the year, and you can get them each for $46 right now. Not bad! For the same price, you can dive into the classic-style JRPG Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

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Speaking of RPGs, World of Final Fantasy is already on sale for 56% off, so when you knock an additional 23% off the sale price, it ends up costing just $14. Nioh: Complete Edition is similarly discounted outside of this offer, which means you can get it this weekend for $23. And although the first episode is all that’s been released so far, you can order the whole season of Life is Strange 2 for $31.

As mentioned above, the offer extends to pre-orders as well, so if you’re planning on getting an upcoming PC game, it’s worth checking if GMG has it available. You save $14 on any game with a normal retail price of $60, so you can get upcoming games like Devil May Cry 5, Just Cause 4, and Hitman 2 for $46 each. Mega Man 11 and Disgaea 5 Complete are down to $23 apiece.

You’ll find more of our picks below, or you can visit the site to look at the rest of the games. Now go save some money–just make sure to add the promo code before you check out.

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