The Book Ritual is a game about shredding a book, made by someone I was at school with

At EGX this year, I went in the Leftfield Collection and I saw a shredder. A paper shredder with a face, and a big pile of books next to it. And a big pile of shredded books underneath it, too. So I ambled over, eager to destroy some literature. It was, it turned out,
The Book Ritual, currently free on Itch. The Book Ritual is by Alistair Aitcheson. I did not know this when I sat down to play it. The identity of the developer is particularly relevant to me writing this, because I went to school with Alistair Aitcheson.

I asked him if he remembered anything about me. “I do a bit, but nothing specific… It’s so long ago now!” He said. “Did you play violin?”

Reader, I did not. But that’s okay.

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