Every Amiibo Figure Ever

Amiibo may not be the wild craze they were when they first released, but they are still some of the best official Nintendo figurines you can find. As of publish, 175 official Amiibo have been made or announced, though that number comes with some caveats.

Here’s gallery of every single Amiibo figurine released or announced, sorted by game series. There are a whole lot in there, so be sure to use the arrow keys for quicker browsing if you are viewing on the desktop site:

Now, let’s get a few things straight: We aren’t counting the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. There are A LOT of those, but 2D cards don’t really feel like they qualify as full-on Amiibo. (Though we did include the cereal box Amiibo, that’s 3D, right?) Additionally, there are four figurines from the Skylanders games, but they actually do double as official Amiibo. Additionally, the Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo has four interchangeable poses sold in a bundle with only one base, technically making it a single Amiibo.

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