Fallout 76 Funko Pops Emerging From Underground This Month

Fallout 76 will be starting its beta in a matter of weeks, and Funko is going to offer some new Pops and other assorted collectibles to mark the occasion. They’ll start to roll out this month with more to follow in November, including a variety of different characters, collectible types, and even a few store exclusives.

In October, we’ll be getting Pops for the male and female Vault Dwellers, a Nerd Rage Vault Boy, a T-51 Power Armor, and an Assaultron. They’ll be joined by a 6″ Sentry Bot Pop and three store exclusives: Nuka-Cola T-51 Power Armor at Walmart, Vault Tech Power Armor at Best Buy, and Vault Dweller with Mentats at Gamestop. This month will also get a Vnyl two-pack with a Skeleton and Mysterious Stranger, and a big set of Mystery Minis.

Next month, more Fallout figures are on the way under Funko’s 5 Star line. Those will include Vault Boy, a T-51B Power Armor, and a glow-in-the-dark Assaultron.

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Fallout 76 is set for release on November 14. This is Fallout’s first venture into a massively connected world with real human players able to interact with you and even launch nukes, so check out our wrap-up of everything we know.

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