The Most Important Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before the New Season

With a new season of Doctor Who about to premiere, and with it begin another whole new era in the show’s 50+ year history of adventures in space and time, and with more focus than ever on the series’ vast backlog of stories in the wake of events like the recent Twitch Classic Who marathon that had a generation of young fans enjoying and embracing – and meme-ing – the past, we offer here a quick list of 25 essential Doctor Who stories that provide a good grounding in the show and its many delights as we prepare to welcome Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth incarnation of the time-traveling Time Lord known as the Doctor.

A bit of explanation: These are not all necessarily the “best” stories, or the most important to continuity. We’ve picked 25 adventures – at least one for every official television Doctor – that give newcomers a solid sense of the shifting tones and styles of the series as it’s navigated its way through a half-century of history and popular culture. Also, we’ve skipped including any of the plethora of audio, comics, prose, and other stories that have helped to make Doctor Who one of the most vital and varied fictional universes in history.

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