20 Best Pokemon in Smash Bros.

A four-way Smash battle is coming to an end. Everyone’s down to one stock. You’ve taken heavy damage and those jerks Kyle and Jeff have been teaming up on you all game. You need a miracle item to turn the tide in your favor. The signature sound of a Pokeball hitting the ground fills your ears and you win the race to pick it up. You throw the ball, hoping it’s a Pokemon that’ll win the game for you and finally put Kyle and Jeff in their place. But which randomly summonable Pokemon is the best? That’s what we’re here to decide.

While numerous Pokemon appear throughout the Super Smash Bros. series in the form of playable characters, Trophies, and stage hazards, we’re honing in on the ones that players can summon into the fight via Pokeball (or in rare cases, a Master Ball) to decide which one is the very best. It’s tempting to include Pokemon that we personally hold dear or just ones that are cool to see — like the extremely rare Mew — but we’re focusing our guidelines purely on which Pokemon are the most powerful and (super) effective in battle. Yes, this means that a lot of the uber-powered Legendary Pokemon will be dominating this list, but there are a handful of “regular” Pokemon that pack a surprising punch.

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