The Upcoming Dragon Ball Z Double Feature Event Could Hint at DBS: Broly’s Story

As we learn more about Dragon Ball Super: Broly, fans are coming up with plenty of theories about the new movie and, notably, some believe the upcoming double feature event in the U.S. of Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku and Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn may provide clues for what we’ll see in the upcoming 20th Dragon Ball movie.

In our IGN comments, one reader, Dragon_Ball_Super, theorizes that in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Gogeta, who is first introduced in Fusion Reborn, could make an appearance in the new movie to take on Broly. They also imply that Goku’s origin story will be featured in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and may include an appearance by his dad, Bardock. Is this plausible?

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