How Star Wars Resistance Is Intended to Set Up The Force Awakens

It’s one of the trickiest balancing acts of extending the Star Wars universe: how do you give the audience something that feels fresh and original, but still completely immersed in all the aspects of the galaxy far, far away that fans have loved for over four decades now? In that respect, Star Wars Resistance is hoping that the Force will be with it – in a brand new way.

Resistance is the new Disney Channel animated series debuting October 7th that, in the tradition established by the fan-embraced, critically hailed series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, hopes to expand and deepen the established mythos. Like Star Wars Rebels, it desires to establish a new group of characters that viewers can invest in. And Resistance enters with a couple of its own distinct characteristics: its visually arresting cell-shaded animation style is in a more anime tradition than its CG-rendered predecessors, and it’s the first series set just prior to the events of the third Star Wars trilogy kicked off by Episode VII: The Force Awakens – six months prior, to be specific.

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