Venom Ending and Credits Scenes Explained

Venom is now out in theaters so we’re going to go into full SPOILERS in dissecting what happens at the end of Venom!

The ending of Venom, and particularly its mid-credits scene featuring Carnage/Cletus Kasady, sets up where Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and his symbiote “buddy” might be headed in a sequel should this Sony-Marvel collaboration prove a box office success.

Let’s breakdown what happens!


Venom destroys Carlton Drake, the symbiote Riot, and the Life Foundation’s spaceship, and thus saves the world, but then it appears as if the Venom symbiote itself burns up in the explosion. It even says goodbye to Eddie as the latter falls into the water. But then some time passes and, as he sits on the stoop of his ex-fiancee Anne Weying’s home, Eddie hears Venom’s voice in his head again. He’s not surprised by it so that suggests he knows Venom’s been there. We’re not quite sure why Venom said goodbye to Eddie then if they weren’t truly separated. Guess we’ll chalk it up to a (cheap) dramatic misdirect.

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