Hitman 2 Welcomes You to the Jungle

I did that tattoo artist a favor by poisoning his beer and choking him to the point of unconsciousness in that Colombian village bar bathroom in Hitman 2, really. Let me explain.

As I was hanging out, posting up at the bar and blending in, Dumb & Dumber-style (“putting out the vibe”), P-Power was complaining about being down here, somehow summoned by ruthless drug lord (and Agent 47 target) Rico Delgado to do some tattoo work on him. He was rife with anxiety about screwing up the job, which would surely lead to his death. So I went around the back of the building, found some rat poison that, well, someone had conveniently left there, and then made my way back around the front and into the bar, waited for P-Power and the bartender to look away, and then spiked the drink.

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