How Bendis Applied the Marvel ‘Ultimate’ Formula to Create DC’s Wonder Comics

Comic writer Brian Michael Bendis took to the stage at New York Comic-Con to share a first look at his new curated DC imprint. Wonder Comics will be a teen-focused line of comics kicking off with four new titles: Young Justice, Wonder Twins, Naomi, and Dial H For Hero, each of which will focus on a different corner of the the DCU’s young adult superhero community.

“When I first met with

Dan DiDio and we were talking about my work with DC, he went, ‘You know, we’ve really been having a lot of luck with this pop-up imprint stuff, it’s a really unique way for creators to really dig in and laser focus a message to readers.’ So I looked at Young Animal and a very early version of the Sandman Universe and tried to think of what that would look like,” Bendis explained while sitting down with IGN at the show. “

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