Black Lightning Just Did One Thing Superhero Shows Rarely Do

This interview contains spoilers for the Black Lightning Season 2 premiere, titled “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies.” A full review will be posted later tonight.

In countless comic book movies and TV shows, cops who are tight with a superhero are usually the last to figure out their identity (unless it’s purposefully revealed to them), despite the fact that they’re supposed to follow clues and solve mysteries for a living.

The Black Lightning Season 2 premiere dismantled that trope pretty quickly, with Jefferson’s long-suffering friend and neighbor, Bill Henderson, finally figuring out Jefferson Pierce’s secret and confronting him over his deception. It’s a heartbreaking moment, seeing the trust between the two men shatter after decades of friendship, and star Cress Williams tells IGN it’ll be a long road back for Jeff and Bill – if their bond can be repaired at all.

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