Fortnite Dev Purchases Anti-Cheat Company

A recurring issue for any online game, particularly one that has achieved the level of worldwide popularity that Fortnite has, is hackers, who use exploits to give themselves an unfair advantage over other players. In an effort to further bolster Fortnite’s security, developer Epic Games has announced it has acquired the anti-cheat company Kamu (via TechCrunch).

Kamu is a Finland-based company and the creator of the Easy Anti-Cheat service Epic already employs for Fortnite. “Kamu’s team and tools have been key to building a vibrant Fortnite multiplayer experience that’s fair for all players,” Epic founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, said in a press release. “Building and launching games today is incredibly challenging, and only half the battle. Kamu’s tools for managing live games help developers grow and sustain their games successfully after launch.”

Fortnite’s biggest competitor in the battle royale space, PUBG, has had some highly publicized difficulties combating cheaters. While developer PUBG Corp. has regularly implemented new anti-cheating measures in the game, players have been very vocal in their call to region lock certain regions, most notably China, due to the prevalence of cheaters from the region.

Kamu’s acquisition will undoubtedly help further insulate Fortnite from widespread cheating. However, it appears those who do cheat have a bigger issue to worry about than a ban. In particular, a spate of Android apps promising free V-Bucks and other in-game advantages are being used for phishing schemes, installing malware on users’ devices and stealing sensitive information.

Fortnite’s latest update, Patch 6.01, rolled out on October 3 and introduced a new type of freeze trap called the Chiller to the game. It was followed by Season 6’s second set of weekly challenges, which task players with visiting Corrupted Areas, among other things. You can find some helpful tips for all of the challenges available thus far in our complete Season 6 challenge roundup.

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