Free Mythical Pokemon, Zeraora, Will Be Available Soon For Ultra Sun And Moon

Pokemon fans will soon have a chance to get their hands on October’s free Legendary Pokemon for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but those aren’t the only rare monsters up for grabs this month. To commemorate the release of the upcoming Lost Thunder expansion for Pokemon TCG, The Pokemon Company is also giving away a rare Mythical Pokemon for the 3DS games this month: the Thunderclap Pokemon Zeraora.

First revealed this past April, Zeraora is a fast, cat-like Electric-type monster debuting in the latest Pokemon movie, The Power of Us. This marks the first opportunity players will have to get their hands on one; like other Mythical Pokemon, Zeraora isn’t obtainable within the actual games, so you’ll want to add one to your collection while you can.

As usual, the way you’ll be able to get Zeraora depends on where you live. In the US, players can pick up a download code for the Mythical Pokemon at GameStop stores from October 19 to November 19; in the UK, The Pokemon Company is distributing codes for Zeraora at Game stores from October 1 to November 15.

Unlike most of the other free Pokemon given out this year, you can only redeem the Zeraora code in either Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Regardless of which version you claim it in, the Pokemon comes at level 50 and is equipped with an Air Balloon, an item that negates Ground-type attacks until it is popped. It also knows the moves Plasma Fist, Thunder Punch, Close Combat, and Thunder.

To redeem your download code, first select Mystery Gift from the games’ main menu, then choose the option to receive your gift via a code/password. Input your code and Zeraora will be downloaded into your game. You’ll then need to pick it up from the deliveryman waiting inside any Pokemon Center.

In addition to Zeraora, The Pokemon Company will give away two Legendary Pokemon originally from the Black and White versions this month: Reshiram and Zekrom. More details on that distribution will be announced soon. In the meantime, you can see all the free Pokemon for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon available right now.

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