Free Movies On YouTube: Rocky 1-5, The Terminator, And More (US Only)

There are plenty of places to rent movies online, and loads of streaming services that charge you monthly subscription rates for access to their libraries. But it’s rare to find full movies (that you’d actually want to watch) available to stream for free online. Right now, you can stream a number of quality movies in their entirety on YouTube for no price at all.

With Creed II releasing next month, you might want to get caught up on the long Rocky saga before heading to the theater. You can stream the first five Rocky movies right now for free (links below). Unfortunately, you’ll still have to pay to watch Rocky Balboa and Creed, but getting five free boxing movies is nothing to sneeze at.

Also free at the moment is The Terminator, the time-traveling action movie from 1984 that kicked off the massive franchise and helped boost Arnold Schwarzenegger into superstardom. Other free YouTube movies include Overboard, Legally Blonde, All Dogs Go to Heaven, and the Kevin James classic Zookeeper.

If you’re looking for a spooky flick to watch before Halloween, you can check out The Woods. Or, if you want to venture into movies that are in the public domain, you can click over to legendary black-and-white fare like Nosferatu or Night of the Living Dead.

You can find the full list of free YouTube movies here.

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