New Aquaman Mythology Coming From Captain Marvel Writer

When it comes to members of DC Comics’ core roster, Aquaman has never quite been an A-lister. This is partly because of his campy cartoon past, but partly because, as upcoming Aquaman writer Kelly Sue DeConnick explains, his core conceit, the traditional approach to doing Aquaman — “the idea that he’s an outsider, the fish out of water, this child of two worlds who doesn’t belong anywhere” — just doesn’t work anymore. And that’s exactly the problem she and artist Robson Rocha intend to address with their upcoming Aquaman run. As the book’s first new creative team since 2016, DeConnick and Robson are primed to take a deep dive into the very core of Arthur Curry to find exactly what makes him tick, and they’re going to build an entire mythology around the ocean in the process.

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