Fortnite Secret Battle Banner Location: Week 4 Hunting Party Challenge (Season 6)

We’re now in Week 4 of Season 6 in Fortnite, which means a new set of challenges has arrived on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. As per usual, if you manage to complete all of the missions from a given week, you’ll check off one of this season’s Hunting Party challenges as well, which rewards you with a new loading screen containing a clue to the whereabouts of a free item somewhere around the island.

In the past, this item would typically be a free Battle Star, which levels your Battle Pass up by one tier if you can find it. However, Epic has been doing something a little different for Season 6, alternating between Battle Stars and Banners, which can be used as your profile icon, each week thus far. That continues to be the case, so if you’ve managed to complete four weeks of challenges, you’ll be able to add another free Banner if you know where to find it.

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Complete the requisite number of challenges and you’ll unlock the loading screen pictured above, which shows a character dressed in the new Little Red Riding Hood-inspired Fable skin exploring what looks to be a grim crypt as another demonic characters lurks behind her. This time, the clue is fairly obvious; you can spot the Banner design in the picture frame hanging on the background.

The area hinted at in the loading screen is located to the northwest of Junk Junction, near the northern edge of the island in quadrant B1. Glide there at the start of a match (which should be quicker than before thanks to the speed boost the Battle Bus received) and you’ll find the Banner waiting to be collected it. Pick it up and you’ll be able to use it as your new profile icon. If you need more help finding it, you can see its exact location on the map below.

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Before you head off to find the Banner, be aware that it will only appear if you’ve completed four weeks of challenges and unlocked the aforementioned loading screen. As is the case with previous Hunting Party challenges, the item won’t show up on the island unless you’ve met all of the requirements, so you can’t simply skip ahead to its location and pick it up if you haven’t done the necessary work.

Week 4’s challenges consist of the usual mix of free missions and those reserved only to players who’ve purchased the Battle Pass. The latter are also the trickier of the bunch, tasking you with dancing on a Clock Tower and getting a score of three or more at Shooting Galleries, among other things. If you need help, you can find tips for all of the challenges to date in our Fortnite Season 6 challenge guide. Also check out our Season 6 rewards gallery for a look at all the items you can earn by completing the challenges.

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