Reign of the Supermen Exclusive Trailer Debut

Reign of the Supermen is the upcoming sequel to 2018’s The Death of Superman, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s animated adaptation of the classic DC Comics storyline. You can watch IGN’s exclusive trailer debut for Reign of the Supermen in the player above or embedded below.

The film, which is slated to arrive on Blu-ray and Digital in early 2019, picks up after the events of The Death of Supermen where a world without the Man of Steel is suddenly populated by several mysterious Supermen: Steel, Cyborg Superman, Superboy, and The Eradicator.

In the meantime, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and even the villainous Lex Luthor are left to ponder what to do about these new Supermen who have arrived on the scene. The cast of characters also includes the Justice League, Cat Grant, and G. Gordon Goffrey.

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