The Best PS4 Games

If you’re just now picking up a PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro, you’re in luck — there are a lot of fantastic games to play. So whether you’re just buying a system, or have owned once since the 2013 launch and are looking to play the greatest hits, these are the best 25 games you can play, as ranked by a group of our biggest and most knowledgeable PS4 fans.

Review scores factored into compiling this list, but the ranking takes many more aspects into account. The ways these games take advantage of the PS4, the design risks they’ve taken, the unique experiences, the influence they’ve had on the industry, and more all played a role in helping us narrow down the system’s wide library to just 25 games. (One caveat — we did not include PSVR games, as the intention of this list is to suggest what someone picking up just a PS4 or PS4 Pro console should play, and so we can’t necessarily expect new buyers will have a PSVR setup.)

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