Opinion: How Cowboy Bebop Changed My Life

I popped my head into my brother’s room. He was on his computer playing video games — likely Warcraft. He was one of those overachievers who could do eight things at once, so he also had his textbooks open on his desk and some anime on in the background.

“What’s this?”

“Oh — it’s awesome. Cowboy Bebop. You’ll love it.”

He didn’t even take his eyes off the computer screen to answer my question. I looked at the TV. And there he was, Spike Spiegel, in all his green-haired glory, those brown, bounty-hunting eyes staring back into mine. I knew it right then: I was in love.

My brother and I watched Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon on Toonami when we were young. We caught some episodes of Ronin Warriors, Inuyasha and Outlaw Star on Adult Swim. I owned one Sailor Moon VHS, and it was pretty pricey. Anime wasn’t easy to come by back then.

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