Castlevania’s Showrunner on Symphony of the Night Possibilities

Just in time for Halloween, Netflix has released the highly-anticipated second season of Castlevania, which we say “is even better than the first, as it offers a deep roster of heroes and villains” in our Season 2 review.

In a recent interview with executive producer Adi Shankar, he spoke about the Castlevania video games and characters he would like to adapt in future seasons. “I think for people in our specific age demographic, it’s Symphony of the Night,” Shankar explained. “That was Playstation I, it was a giant technological leap forward. It’s Alucard’s story, so it was a deviation from always being a Belmont with a whip. If you look at Castlevania as a timeline  the game universe versus our cinematic universe – Symphony of the Night happens quite a bit down the road. But it would be kind of like if you did Captain America: First Avenger, and then the second movie you did Civil War.”

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