More Fortnite Skins Leaked In Latest Update 6.20

The new 6.20 patch for Fortnite adds Fortnitemares, this year’s holiday event. But as usual, the update also tucked away a few surprise cosmetics in its nooks and crannies that have been uncovered by data miners. Some are pieces we’ve seen before in one form or another, while many are brand new.

Fortnite Intel reports that the cosmetics include the Summit Striker, Dante, Rosa, and Frostbite skins–the last of which is part of the Deep Freeze bundle announced for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Dante and Rosa appear to pay homage to the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, which traditionally takes place just after Halloween.

New back bling includes the Summit Striker’s Top Notch and Frostbite’s Freezing Point, plus a Spirit Cape, Galactic Disc, and Calavera. New gliders include Discovery and Spirit, while the new pickaxes are Chill Axe, Stellar Axe, Longhorn, and Six String Striker. The update also included a few new emotes: Busy, Criss Cross, Headbanger, and Jugglin’.

Image Credit: Fortnite Intel
Image Credit: Fortnite Intel
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The big new addition, of course, was Fortnitemares. The spooky new themed mode allows you to earn special new items, including a new type of skin that responds to how you play. Check out our challenge guide for details on how to earn yourself some sweet special loot. Fortnitemares challenges are planned to roll over every few days all the way through November 26.

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