Priceless Play – 27th October 2018

Horror has been on my mind a lot this month. I mean, it’s pretty wild that one of the most popular genres of entertainment relies on making ourselves uncomfortable. For me, I have found that horror is all about putting the things which make me squirm in sharp relief to the things which make me feel the safest. Is there anything better than the breathy, adrenalin-laced laughter that follows the scream that follows the jumpscare? When I pass the controller to a friend, or hide behind my fingers, or pull the duvet up to my chin because I can’t bare to look away — that’s the beauty of horror. Figuring out where your little bits of safety are: friends, self, home.

The games I’ve chosen here to round out my month of thrills and chills rely precisely on challenging those same three things. They explore the horror of interpersonal relationships, the horror of being in the world, and the horror of domesticity. I think they are some of the very best that contemporary horror games have to offer.


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