Transformers Makes for a Smashing Card Game

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The new Transformers Trading Card Game from creator Wizards of the Coast allows you and an opponent to roll out opposing teams of robots to see who can smash and blast their way to victory first. Yes, Wizards also makes Magic: The Gathering, but that’s not what Transformers is trying to be. It just wants to simulate a big brawl between giant robots, and in that regard, it succeeds.

How It Works

To get things started, each player assembles a team of double-sided Transformers cards that start the game in “alt-mode” aka vehicle mode, and then once per turn one can be transformed into “bot mode” by flipping the card over. The act of transforming comes with an effect like drawing extra cards, healing your team, or altering attack and defense stats. Making sure to switch back and forth between modes at the right time becomes an important part of your strategy.

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