Best PC gaming deals of the week – 2nd November 2018

Remember, remember the 23rd of November, many savings, discounts and deals. I know of no reason why Black Friday season shouldn’t be a right old steal. That’s how the nursery rhyme goes, right? What’s that? It’s actually meant to be about fireworks and the 5th of November, describing the great gunpowder plot that failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament? You must have been misled as a child, dear reader, because everyone knows that November is about one holiday and one holiday only – the joyous and most beautiful deals jamboree, Black Friday.

There are just three weeks to go now before that fateful savings bonanza, but I know how much you all like a good deal in the here and now, too. Thus, your deals herald will provide. The Steam Halloween sale may be over, but there’s still plenty to be getting on with this week, including cheap Assassin’s Creed, lots more spooky game discounts and a whole lot of hardware. To the deals!


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