Fallout 76 beta: finding life, and Mothman’s butt, in the wilderness

While I’ve only experienced a few hours exploring the luscious hillsides of
Fallout 76’s West Virginia, I made it my mission to explore as much of the game’s extensive map as I could. It’s an impressive thing, four times the size of Fallout 4’s already expansive landscape, but the locale has all the personality and silly esoterica I’ve come to expect from Fallout games, mixed with the countryside I know all too well. (I grew up just next door in good ol’ Virginia proper.)

Since Bethesda announced that Fallout 76 wouldn’t have any human NPCs, with my first shaky steps out of the vault I set out to find what life (mechanical or otherwise) still scurried about the ruined Appalachia. Fallout’s critter designs have always been some of my favourites, and while I’ve regrettably yet to run into one of those adorable giant, mossy sloths you see briefly in the previews, I did discover my fair share of fauna.

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