How Did Frank Underwood Die in Season 6 of House of Cards?

Warning! Full SPOILERS follow for the Season 6 finale of Netflix’s House of Cards.

At the start of the final season of Netflix’s House of Cards, there’s a noticeable character missing, as Frank Underwood, the former fictional President of the United States, dies off-screen in what his wife Claire (Robin Wright) describes to the press as an accidental overdose (but reveals to the audience was murder).

All of the narrative upheavals are due to Kevin Spacey’s off-screen behavior after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced, eventually leading to his removal from the series entirely while Season 6 was still in production. Despite Spacey’s abrupt exit, the writers do give closure to Frank’s story, which isn’t revealed until the final minutes of episode 8, in a face-off featuring two of Frank’s closest allies. Here’s how it goes down.

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