Mobile Games To Play During Holiday Travel

Mobile games are a $50 billion dollar industry with over 2.1 billion players worldwide, and both those numbers are growing every single year. How do you serve a market that huge? Lots and lots of games.

It wasn’t easy picking the best mobile games of all time. With over 500 new games submitted to the App Store daily and a fantastic backlog of hard-earned classics and hidden gems already out there, that’s a whole lot to wade through.

For the purposes of our Top 25, we decided to focus on the most original and creative experiences possible on mobile devices. While there are notable exceptions, we generally leaned away from games based on existing IPs and we tried to keep it to games that originally launched on mobile. That’s partially why PUBG and Fortnite are missing – while both are undeniably massive games, we don’t think mobile is the best way to play either.

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