WATCH: David Tennant is Trying to Save the World in Rooster Teeth’s gen:LOCK

Following the success of Rooster Teeth’s RWBY and Red vs. Blue, the studio is preparing to debut a star-studded new anime-style series, gen:LOCK, which features the vocal talents of David Tennant, Michael B. Jordan, Dakota Fanning, and Maisie Williams.

In gen:LOCK, on the losing side of a global war, Earth’s last free society recruits a diverse team of young pilots to control the next-generation of mecha — giant, weaponized robot bodies. These daring recruits will find, however, that their newfound abilities come at no small cost. Tennant plays Dr. Weller, the head of the Experimental Science Unit, tasked with identifying potential new recruits for Colonel Marin (voiced by Monica Rial), who leads the resistance’s Vanguard army.

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