The X-Men Are Only as Good as Their Costumes

It’s tough not to look back at the past several years’ worth of X-Men comics and not feel despondent about the state of the franchise. There are too many books fighting for attention and rarely a clear, engaging direction for the X-Men line as a whole. The problems are many, but there’s one thing that’s become apparent over the decades. The quality of the X-Men’s costumes is often a direct indicator of the quality of the comics themselves. The clothes really do make the mutant.

As it turns out, pretty much every beloved X-Men era is marked by great costume designs. That’s certainly true of Chris Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men run, which kicked off with some truly classic designs by artists like Dave Cockrum and John Romita, Sr. These are some of the most iconic costumes in all of superhero comics, to the point where most of these characters are still wearing variations of the same basic designs even 40 years later.

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