Black Mirror’s Return Teased In Deleted Netflix Tweet

The fourth season of Black Mirror arrived on Netflix nearly a year ago, and while we know that Charlie Brooker’s acclaimed sci-fi satire is set to return at some point, it hasn’t been clear when this would be. However, a now-deleted tweet from the streaming giant suggests we might be getting some more Black Mirror before the end of the year.

As reported by Forbes, Netflix tweeted a list of shows and movies that are set to debut on the service throughout December. While most of these have already been announced, there was one title that had not–Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which is seemingly scheduled for December 28. The tweet was rapidly deleted, but not before it was screen-captured.

Netflix is yet to confirm this show, and we don’t know for sure what ‘Bandersnatch’ refers to. However, it has rumored that an interactive “choose-your-own-adventure”-style Black Mirror episode has been in development, and if this was to be a standalone episode it would make sense that it might get released ahead of a full season. Netflix are also reportedly working on a number of other interactive shows.

The Bandersnatch is a creature in Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy story Alice Through the Looking-Glass. In addition, a video game with that title was developed back in 1984, and behind-the-scenes images of the Black Mirror set taken in April this year suggest that an episode with an ’80s setting was in production.

It had also been rumored that the next season of Black Mirror will also return to the worlds of two previous episodes–namely, Season 2’s White Bear and Season 3’s Juniper. However, Brooker has subsequently denied this.

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