The Super Smash Bros. Series Will Never Die, Thanks To Fans

There’s only one series in the world where you can punch Mario in the jaw while playing as Kirby, and that’s Super Smash Bros. A beautiful anomaly of games with orchestral banger versions of classic Nintendo tunes, walls of collectibles from each franchise’s history that make it feel like a weird gaming museum, and an overflowing list of unsuspecting, wacky crossover characters that even eclipses Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

It’s a series with something special, and it’s powered by a community of people who really care about it. Super-fans that continue to pump life into a game for over 17 years; analyzing characters, utilizing glitches, creating competitive rulesets, and organizing communal tournaments around the world for players of all skill levels, simply because they love the games so much.

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