Explaining Arrow’s Big Character Debut

Warning: this episode contains major spoilers for Arrow: “Unmasked.”

Oliver Queen may be out of prison, but his troubles have only just begun in Arrow’s seventh season. “Unmasked” finally revealed the identity of the new Green Arrow, and it’s someone with a direct family tie to Ollie – his half-sister Emiko Queen (played by┬áSea Shimooka).

Who is Emiko, and why does Ollie have another sister he doesn’t know about? Here’s everything you need to know about her comic book history and how she may play into the ongoing direction of the series in 2019.

Emiko’s Family Heritage

In the DC Comics universe, Emiko Queen was first introduced in 2013’s Green Arrow #18. She was revealed to be the daughter of Robert Queen and Shado, born on Starfish Island (the name used for Lian Yu in the comics) but stolen shortly after her birth by Robert’s vengeful business partner, Simon Lacroix. Lacroix raised her to believe she was his daughter, training her to become a skilled warrior and archer. However, after discovering the truth about her heritage, Emiko killed Lacroix and joined forces with her brother instead.

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