Hitman 2 guide: location guides, tips and tricks, challenge lists, silent assassin walkthroughs

Little else is quite so frighteningly intimidating, yet wonderfully rewarding, as stepping into a new Hitman game for the first time. While the first level is a fraction of the size of the others, these vast assassination playgrounds allow you to explore, poke around, and get up to all sorts of murderous mischief. It’s the kind of game where discovery is half the fun. For the times when it can be overwhelming, or where you just need that extra bit of information to master the level, we suggest you direct your eyes to this robust Hitman 2 guide hub. It offers you a surreptitious nod in the right direction for finding the disguises, how to assassinate every target in Hitman 2 and how to beat Hitman 2’s challenges. Think of this guide hub as your Agent Diana Burnwood in text form, delivering all the intel you need for a successful mission. Good luck, Agent 47. (more…)

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