Mark Millar Gives Update on Netflix Movies, Shows and Comics

Mark Millar’s comic book properties have regularly made the jump to the big screen — Wanted, Kick-Ass and the Kingsman movies, just to name a few — so it was no surprise when in late 2017 Netflix purchased his company, Millarworld, and recruited the scribe to create original comics, TV show and movies for the streaming service. Talking to Millar in a phone interview, IGN got an update on where his various upcoming projects are in production, plus Millar talked up his latest comic published under Netflix called Prodigy.


Of the new movies and shows that Millar is creating for Netflix, a select few will also receive a comic book adaptation from Millar. Prodigy is one of those properties. Prodigy was already in development as a Netflix movie before Millar got to work on the comic book version with artist Rafael Albuquerque, and now the comic is out on shelves. (Check out Netflix’s comic book trailer for Prodigy below.)

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