Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony Executives Appear On Stage Together At Game Awards

In a rare moment of cross-company unity, executives for all three major console manufacturers–Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony–appeared on stage together to kick off The Game Awards. The execs were Phil Spencer, Reggie Fils-Aime, and Shawn Layden, respectively. The three gave a brief shared speech about the importance of coming together to celebrate the medium, which you can read in full below.

The Game Awards hosted its array of accolades, as well as several new announcements for all three consoles. Check out the list of award-winners and all the news out of the show.

Layden: Tonight at The Game Awards, we come together as a community to celebrate video games–the most compelling and immersive form of entertainment in the world.

Spencer: As an industry we are most powerful when we come together united by our common love of the art form of games.

Fils-Aime: We join with the viewers and gamers around the globe to celebrate creativity, innovation, and the role that video games play in popular culture.

Spencer: Together we will continue to invite new voices, creators, and players into our worlds, because when everybody plays, we all win.

Layden: Because when we see the strength of the united gaming community, we remember that we’ve never seen a challenge that you can’t defeat.

Fils-Aime: We’re united in our commitment to leading and pushing this industry forward with new games, new experiences, and new ways for everyone to play.

Spencer: Good luck to all the nominees.

Layden: And congratulations to all the winners.

Fils-Aime: And enjoy the game awards.

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