HP Omen Mindframe review: The ear-cooling gaming headset that left me cold

The thing I love most about the HP Omen Mindframe is its name. Say it with me. MINDFRAME. It’s so ridiculous it’s actually come full circle into pure, unbridled brilliance, and I doubt there will be another headset in the history of gaming headsets that even comes close to matching its mad, bonkers moniker.

The HP Omen Mindframe’s name isn’t the only thing that sets this headset apart, though. Through some sort of thermoelectric magic, each earcup also has their own dedicated ear cooler. That’s right. If you’re the type of person who regularly finds their ears getting a bit sweaty after playing games all afternoon, the Mindframe will halt those salty droplets in their tracks and keep your ears nice and chilly. And surprisingly, it really does work.


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